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Give the Galderma CAREConnect Patient Savings Card to all commercial patients for at least a 3-month supply of SOOLANTRA Cream

The prescriptions you write are easily filled by pharmacies and commercially insured patients may pay less out-of-pocket.a

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Galderma CAREConnect Patient Savings Card

Let's Break It Down

It’s simple. With the Galderma CAREConnect Patient Savings Card, uninsured patientsa,b can pay as little as $60 per month for a 3-month supply of SOOLANTRA® (ivermectin) Cream, 1%.a,b When you break it down, that’s $20 per month and less than a cup of coffee every day.

The promise of some discount programs are either too complicated, temporary or more hassle than they are worth.

Through Galderma CAREConnect, saving is remarkably easy. Simply direct your commercially insured patients to where they can download their very own Patient Savings Card and pay as little as $0 on some Galderma prescription products.a,b

Commercially unrestricted patients pay $0 dollars, uninsured patients pay $75 dollars

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will all my patients pay the same copay amount?


No, copay amounts are based on patients' insurance coverage. There are two categories of copay amounts - commercially unrestricted and uninsured payments.

What does commercially unrestricted mean?


"Commercially Unrestricted" refers to a payment by a patient that has commercial coverage (excludes all government programs) through a pharmaceutical benefit plan and a specific product that has no restrictions (e.g. no PA, Step Edit, NDC block, HDHP). These patients are eligible for the copay for as little as $0 or $60, depending on the Galderma product you prescribe.

What does commercially restricted/cash patients mean?


"Uninsured Payment" refers to a payment by a patient with a commercial pharmaceutical benefit plan that restricts or denies (e.g. imposes aPA, Step Edit, NDC Block, HDHP) access to a specific product OR to a patient that has no commercial coverage nor pharmaceutical benefit plan. For generic-only plans or when patients encounter plan exclusions, the pharmacy will either receive a notice of "step edit required" or "prior authorization required" message. If the pharmacy does not receive either one of these notices and the drug is not covered, the prescription will process at the "uninsured payment" rate.

What about my Medicare patients? Are they covered?


Patients covered by government-run or government-sponsored plans (e.g. Medicare, Medicaid, VA, DOD, TriCare) cannot gain access to Galderma products through the Galderma CAREConnect program.

Can a patient take their prescription and Galderma CAREConnect Patient Savings Card to any pharmacy?


Yes, the Galderma CAREConnect Patient Savings Card may be used at any participating pharmacy located in the United States. Based on reimbursement policies of some major retail chains, a patient may be asked to pay more than the quoted copay at those pharmacies. Note: If the patient uses a pharmacy in our independent network, they will not need a physical copay card with their prescription.

What happens if the patient needs a prior authorization or step edit?


A "prior authorization" requires paperwork to be completed and submitted to the pharmaceutical benefit plan. A "step edit" usually requires documentation in the patient's file of previous failures on specific medications. The prescriber and staff can work with the pharmacist to process the applicable requirements of a step edit or prior authorization. When this is done, and if the prior authorization has been approved or the step edit is cleared, the patient should be eligible for the "Commercially Unrestricted" benefit ($0 or $60). The Galderma CAREConnect program will not remove the need to process prior authorizations or step edits to obtain the $0 or $60 benefit. Galderma encourages the processing of step edits or prior authorizations because this helps utilize a patient's insurance benefit and helps Galderma negotiate for future coverage with managed care plans.

What can you do to help the Galderma CAREConnect Program run smoothly for your patients?


The Galderma CAREConnect Patient Savings Card is accepted at any participating pharmacy. If you're sending the patient to a retail pharmacy, provide him/her with a physical copay card or encourage them to download their own copay card at For any card questions or issues please encourage your patients to call: 855-280-0543.


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